ACRE Communications


  1. Launch Arma 3 with ACRE2

  2. ACRE2 will try to copy the plugins to your TeamSpeak 3 installation directory.

  3. A pop-up will appear describing what the process did.

  4. Launch TeamSpeak 3 and enable the ACRE2 plugin in the Settings -> Plugins window.

Before Mission Radio Configuration

  • Make sure the [CAPS LOCK] key is not used for talking in TeamSpeak

  • Turn off voice over network (VON) in ARMA 3 or change key to different than Caps Lock (to avoid voice doubling). ( do this in your key binds)

  • Make sure the volume of alerts is not turned off in Team Speak: Options > Payback > Sound Pack Volume - set a positive value.

You will get the same nick both in the game profile and TeamSpeak

- plugin will change your nickname in TS during the game.

Personal Radio

Every operator/rifleman is issued a AN/PRC-343 PRR radio

Radio: AN/PRC-343 PRR

City Range/Distance : 400 m

Perfect Range: 850 m

Power: 100 mW

AN/PRC-148 or AN/PRC-152 radio are for team leaders and above


The AN/PRC-343 PRR is short range lightweight intra-squad personal role radio. It is designed to be carried by every squad member and features 16 channel in 16 blocks (256 channels in total) with a range up to 500 meters.

In Mission Configuration And Controls


Raising / lowering the headset

ACRE allows you to lower your headset, this significantly reduces the sound of all radio transmissions but does not affect direct chat.

This is done through your ACE self interaction menu.

Select "Radio" -> "Lower Headset" / "Raise Headset".

ACRE2 Volume

ACRE2 Volume gives you the ability to control the volume of all your direct chat communication. In order to change the volume of your voice you first have to bind “Talk on Direct Channel” to something (Default this should be on the TAB button). Once it is bound, you will notice when the button is held a Slider will appear on the screen.

Whilst continuing to hold down your Direct chat button, you can use the Mouse scroll to manipulate the slider. Once you have selected the volume you desired, you can release the held button and the volume will be applied. The slider is split into multiple levels, going from quietest to loudest.

Whisper can be heard for a few meters maximum. Close contact is about half as far as 'normal'. Loud can be heard out to more than 100m, while Shout can be heard a bit further. It is important to note, that regardless of your chosen direct volume, your Radio transmission volume will always remain the same: so don't worry about people not hearing you on the radio when on Whisper.


For Mission Makers

There are a few ways to set up the channels for ACRE2, scripts in the mission, the modules provided by ACRE2, and a few mods, the only mod i have worked with for ACRE2 channel configuration is Mission Maker Framework

Mission Scripts

For information on how to make scripts to place in your mission check the ACRE2 Documentation no sense in repeating what someone else wrote

ACRE2 Modules

you will fine two modules in 3DEN that are part of ACRE2

  • Basic Mission Setup

  • Channel Names

only some radios have Channel names, these channels are the same across all radios that can have names set, (per side)

is Mission Maker Framework adds a few addition customizations for ACRE2, and many options for mission makers