Medical ACE3 Advance


Opening the ACE Medical Menu

The default button for opening the Medical Menu is 'H',

  • if your looking at another player or AI, the menu will open to treat them

  • if your not looking at anyone it will open to treat you.

'H' also opens the "last help" menu from vanilla - to disable that.

You also can get to the Medical Meun with Self-Interact to treat yourself and ACE Interact to treat others

Handling Personal Injury (Self Aid)

The most important step in the training pipeline is operators/riflemen handling their own injuries as best they can to stay in the fight for as long as possible. Learning to quickly process the extent of your own injury is a critical skill to develop.

Handling Combat Injury

  1. Assess the damage Quickly and determine if you are still able to fight. If you are combat effective, continue to fight and do not stop to render aid until fire superiority over the enemy has been achieved. In the event that the wound renders you unable to effectively fight, take the following steps.

  2. Communicate your state Let your team know briefly on the radio that you have been hit and will need to render aid. Be sure to communicate your location so that in the event you fall unconscious you can be recovered by the medic.

  3. Find cover or concealment Before rendering self aid!

  4. Apply tourniquets Tourniquets serve as a temporary solution to completely stop bleeding from the arms and legs. They must be removed within 15 minutes however they can often provide enough of a gap to allow an operator to finish the fight without receiving comprehensive medical care.

  5. Bandage wounds If you are still bleeding in spite of the tourniquet attempt to pack your wounds to reduce the bleeding. Your wounds should turn blue to indicate that the bleeding is being controlled by the bandages. Bandages are a temporary solution and the wound will continue to reopen until it is stiched by a trained medic.

  6. Administer pain management If you are in pain administer morphine to reduce the pain levels and try to maintain consciousness.

  7. If you are conscious and able to fight you need to return to the fight and assist the unit. Medics will be unable to render comprehensive care until fire superiority has been established and the faster this can be established the better.


Do NOT render aid to others until the element has established fire superiority.

Assessing and Treating Others (Buddy Aid)

When another player is wounded and unable to render aid to themselves you should take the following actions:

  1. Call for the units Medic ! Communicate the state and who needs aid Be sure to communicate your location so that the medic can find you.

  2. Conduct triage The first step is to check the casualty for vital signs. If the casualty is dead then move on to other casualties. Once all wounded casualties have been dealt with you should return to the dead casualties and conduct the procedures detailed in the handling casualties section below.

  3. Control bleeding Apply tourniquets and bandages to help reduce the bleeding. If the casualty is responsive, get them to also apply bandages to increase the speed at which the casualty can be assisted.

  4. Check for a pulse , if none is present perform CPR, you need to perform CPR every minute till the medic arrives.

  5. Get the casualty to a medic Depending on the situation the unit leader will instruct whether the casualty should be moved to the medics at a CCP or whether the medics will move to the casualty.

When the Medic arrives get out of their way, get back on security (unless the medic tells you otherwise) and inform the Medic of what steps you have performed